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KMC Facility Maintenance guarantee that we’ll provide a service that is in compliance with your service level agreement through our resource expertise.

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About KMC Facility Maintenance

KMC Interiors and Construction founded in 1994 has evolved and now successfully diversified its operations in the Facilities Maintenance industry. KMC Facility Maintenance provides a total support service through our expert resources and automated technology. Through our committed vision of excellence, we offer our customers today; sophisticated, highly specialized, multi disciplined and cost effective services.

Through KMC Facility Maintenance job management technology, we provide end to end solutions in the following areas:
• Customer care call centre 24/7
• Preventative and statutory maintenance works
• Reactive and planned maintenance 24/7
• Project management
• Emergency response 24/7
• Condition audits
• Asset management and reporting

KMC Facility Maintenance has vast experience and knowledge in delivering services across the following areas of the industry:
• Government - Dept. of Education, Dept. of Housing NSW, NSW Public Works, RTA, NSW Tafe

• Local councils
• Commercial high rise buildings
• Retail
• Industrial
• Residential including Strata

KMC Facility Maintenance Key Customers:
• Westfield
• Thales
• Pfizer Australia
• Brookfield Multiplex

KMC Facility Management

National Service Coverage:
24/7 Services Managed With Expert Resources & Technology

KMC Facility Maintenance Services division is a 24 hour / 7 day nationwide service!

KMC Facility Maintenance Technology is a total automated building repair management system, which is used exclusively to automate and streamline the reactive and planned maintenance workflow process.

Automation of processes ensures that we provide consistent national service delivery and high quality work throughout all regions - while at the same time measuring and improving your main KPI’s to ensure successful outcomes across:

  • Job lifecycle reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Quality of work
  • Customer experience
  • Client communication
Preventative and Statutory Maintenance Works
Reliability-centred, condition-based and preventative maintenance programs are our specialty. We design, implement and operate programs that deliver high level asset protection and compliance - all within the bounds of your facility profile and budget. Our own technicians, supported by a trusted network of trade services, can assist you 24/7.
Services include:
- Essential services audits
- Fire safety audits
- Building code of Australia compliance audits
- Incident and emergency management planning
- Integration and training
- Development of risk management plans

Reactive Maintenance Works 24/7
With a 24/7 national coverage through our resource expertise, we guarantee that we’ll comply with your (SLA) service level agreement and (KPI’s) Key Performance Indicators with the VALUE ADD of delivering “best in industry” service with cost effective solutions.We pride ourselves on providing long term solutions and 100% customer satisfaction.

Emergency Response
With a 24/7 nationwide service coverage, we respond as soon as an emergency situation occurs, no matter where the location. Our staff is on location within hours of an emergency request, setting up the infrastructure needed to deal with each incident.

We strengthen our client’s brand image by ensuring your customers’ properties and environment are back to operating and original condition as soon as possible.

Project Management
We will design and deliver your project - on time, on budget and on specification. Our pro-active approach emphasises your specific needs and tailors a best-fit solution.
- Consultation, documentation and specification
- Estimating and financial management
- Detailed design planning and management
- Management of construction and installation
- Commissioning
- Handover and training

Condition Audits
- Property and assets are consistently maintained to improve the environment and property condition
- Useful life is maximised through the natural extension of asset life from a portfolio perspective as compared to depreciable life
- Repair/replace decision logic is based on key metrics
- We evaluate all service calls with a cost >$500 to determine the best course of action
- We partner with manufacturers to understand asset useful life and total cost of ownership

Asset Management and End to End Reporting
Our core process for asset management & reporting includes:
- Asset management condition surveys
- Asset tracking & management of asset register
- Asset register Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule (PPMS)
- Warranty registers
- Lifecycle analysis
- Financial reporting
- Sustainability & energy efficient equipment
- Help desk 24/7/365

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Management of Trades and Services

KMC Facility Maintenance has implemented a most innovative web based trade, builder and supplier management system.

With a large panel of qualified and certified trades and services all linked into an intelligent workflow structure, KMC Facility Maintenance is able to organise, coordinate, allocate, manage and measure works performed by our supply partners in real time.

KMC Facility Maintenance specialises in all areas of repairs and services, projects and construction including:<

• HVAC - Mechanical Services
• Landscaping
• Electrical
• General Maintenance
• Hydraulic (Plumbing)
• Locksmith
• Waste Management
• Plastering
• Painting
• Tiling
• Building
• Flooring
• Carpentry
• Rendering
• Grounds Maintenance

KMC Facility Management

Our 24/7 Customer Care Team: Striving for 100% Service Excellence

Our friendly and professional Customer Care team, supported by the automated job management system assists customers throughout the workflow process.

At KMC we aim for more than customer satisfaction. We strive for 100% service excellence. With repairs and services, we understand that there can be great stress for the customer - so it’s important that we take the time to ensure customers understand who we are, why we are there and what we are going to do.

Throughout the process of reactive and planned maintenance services, KMC through the job management technology sends updates automatically via email and SMS to ensure customers are always informed.

Customers have the ability to log on their own dedicated web based customer portal to track the status of their work request at any time.

One member of our Customer Care team will own a customer’s work order from commencement to completion. So should a customer want to call KMC, they deal with one person only, giving them the ease and reassurance of knowing who is taking care of their job through the entire process.

Guaranteed 100% Service Excellence is delivered via these key areas:

• National service 24/7
• Job flow management
• Direct web access
• All calls time and date tracked
• Multi-level user access
• Expenditure management and cost control
• Performance management
• Performance reporting
• Purchasing efficiencies
• Reactive & Planned Maintenance scheduling
• Management of Certificates of Currency
• Personalised service
• Safety, QA and Environmental Policy Management

Our Technology

KMC Facility Maintenance utilizes a technology which is a web-based job management platform that connects all key stakeholders in the reactive & planned maintenance process including the client, supplier, trade and customer to automate each step in the workflow process.

The system delivers service efficiencies, transparency and control around your five main KPI’s:
• Job lifecycle reduction (work order)
• Cost reduction
• Quality of work
• Customer experience
• Client communication

Technology Working for you
The technology works by providing a detailed work order analysis on every job. This information provides you with the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses within your business, giving you greater control over costs, job lifecycles and identifying leakage.

It effectively eliminates non value adding activities from the job management lifecycle whilst creating greater
efficiencies through superior processes, automation and communication.


Technology Value Add
The technology provides a job management platform in the facilities reactive & planned maintenance space that can:
• Achieve full automation of a job in the facilities maintenance space
• Intelligent end to end reporting system
• Reduce the job lifecycle by 60%
• Capture client analytical and performance data
• Connect all key stakeholders via 3 types of automated communication - SMS, email and web-based
• Implement industry first real time cost, quality, customer and lifecycle trend analysis reporting tools
• Provides transparency around labour and material costs
• Provides cost trend reporting by location, job type, asset type & priority level
• Offer virtual and visual mapping of jobs in progress and status alerts
• Automated smart repair scheduling Gantt charts on every job
• Automated client progress and job performance analysis reporting

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